What is Title Insurance

Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects you from claims against your ownership of property. It protects you from problems that occurred prior to your purchase and it will defend your ownership in the event a claim against the property arises after you sell it. Updated title insurance is required before closing can take place.

What type of protection does Title Insurance provide?
Title insurance protects you from claims against the property caused by a prior owner. Examples of property claims you’re protected from include unpaid taxes, court judgments, unreleased liens, and fraud or forgery. Title insurance can also insure access rights or easements that may affect ownership.

Are there different types of Title Insurance policies?
Yes. There are two basic types of policies; the first is an Owner’s Policy and the second is the Lender’s Policy. The Owner’s Policy protects the property owner’s interests, while the Lender’s Policy protects the interest of the mortgage issuer or lender.

When does Title Insurance expire?
Never, for the Owner’s Policy, it protects the insured (or their heirs) even after the property is sold. A Lender’s Policy terminates when the insured mortgage is satisfied.

Who is responsible for providing Title Insurance?
The seller in a real estate transaction is responsible for providing an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy to the new owner.

Why should I use Wisconsin Title Service?
Wisconsin Title, Closing and Credit Services has a reputation for high quality service that is time-tested and well deserved. For over 60 years our mission has been to provide professional, customer focused, title and real estate settlement services. Our staff includes uniquely qualified industry veterans as well as state of the art tools. We take the time to understand your needs.