Escrow Department

Becky Ausprung, Senior Commercial Examiner & Escrow Manager
Becky has been the manager of both the commercial and residential escrow department for over 10 years. Prior to her current position she worked in many other aspects of the company from file clerk to order supervisor.


LaVerne Young, Commercial Escrow & Closer
LaVerne has been in the title business for 37 years. During the course of her employment in the title industry she has worked in all areas of the business. She joined our staff in 2004 and is a vital part to our Escrow Department as well as being a closer for our closing company.


Sherree Suttle, Residential Escrow
Sherree joined Wisconsin Title in 1997 in the Posting Department. She was quickly moved to the Escrow Department due to her years of experience previously working in the building industry. Over the past 13 years she has cultivated great relationships with her builder customers who count on her for her expertise.


Kelley Silva, Residential Escrow & Closer
Kelley has been in the title business for over 6 years. She joined Wisconsin Title, Closing & Credit Services in 2016 in our closing department and then she joined our escrow team.