Wisconsin Title, Closing and Credit Services
Action Response Plan for the COVID 19 Virus


While the country is coming to grips with the spread of COVID 19 and restrictions being placed on many public events, we want to take a few moments to outline our employee / guest procedures, and the contingency plan in place in the event of excessive absenteeism in the office.


All employees are to practice good cleanliness hygiene –  washing hands with soap and water, or using hand sanitizers or antiseptic wipes frequently, and especially after touching common areas in the office such as the restroom, counter tops, filing cabinets, etc


All conference rooms will be sanitized after each closing or meeting.


In the event there is excessive absenteeism due to employee illness or an employee needing to care for a sick family member, our staff is equipped to work from home to meet your needs


If there are visitors in the office either for meetings or closings – we have posted the following announcement in our meeting rooms and entrances


For the Health and Well-being of our
Employees and Visitors


Please don’t be offended

  • If we don’t shake your hand
  • If you bring a beverage into your meeting, please dispose of the container
  • If you’ve used one of the pens supplied by us, please take it with you or dispose of it as you leave 
  •  Feel free to use the hand sanitizer as needed!!


Thank you for your understanding

Wisconsin Title Closing & Credit Services


In the coming days, we will continue to monitor the guidelines issued by the CDC, WHO and other organizations, and modify our procedures if necessary.