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                     Congratulations - You've decided to sell your home on your own!

What do you do now??   That’s where we come in. The steps that take place between now and the close of your sale require services that Wisconsin Title, Closing and Credit Services can provide.

Title  -   We can provide your title insurance. We search the property's title and provide insurance to make sure the property is clear of liens and is eligible for sale. Even if you are working with an attorney you can come to us for the title insurance.

Closing - We have an experienced, professional closing department that will walk you through the closing process step-by-step plus one of our closing professionals will attend the closing with you. Once we have all the necessary paperwork, your closing can take place in as little as 10 working days.

     Closing Services Include:

         + Preparing and filing the Deed and State Transfer Tax Returns                         + Escrow Services

        + Prepare the Closing Statement with copies to the buyer, seller and lender         + Notary Services

        + Obtain payoffs of existing mortgages                                                          + Funding of Proceeds


 Forms and Documents to get you started                                                      Want to reach a wider listing market?

           FSBO Services Flyer                                                                                                                                ownerscom.gif

                                                                                                          Protect Your Family From Lead In     What is title insurance – FAQ                                                        Your Home      Click here for pamphlet
Closing Step-by-Step                                                                                                              
Checklist of information needed
Buyer/Seller Information Sheet
      Authorization Form (needed to request information on your behalf)
Place Order                                                                                   


State of Wisconsin Real Estate Documents

Residential Offer to Purchase: WB-11
Addendum A 
Residential Condominium Offer to Purchase: WB-14
Amendment to Offer to Purchase: WB-40
Addendum S – Lead Paint Disclosure
Counter Offer: WB-44
Real Estate Condition Report









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