Credit Services

Midwest Mortgage Credit Services is a division of Wisconsin Title Service that started in 1997 and is a Fannie Mae approved credit report provider. We offer credit services to lenders, landlords and employers.

Lender Services:

  • One, two, and three bureau merged infiles
  • Flood Certifications, ordered directly from the credit website
  • Soft pulls
  • Fully Fannie Mae and LP compatible
  • Fully investigated and updated Mortgage Reports (RMCR’s) plus non-traditional RMCR’s
  • Tradeline Updates – most completed same day
  • Fully automated order & retrieval of reports, updates via secure internet access
  • Expedited Dispute process – have the customer’s report corrected and rescored in as little as 5 business days
  • Tax Return Verifications (TRV)
  • Builder and Business reports, UCC searches
  • Red Flags Risk Review Reports
  • Lender Quality Initiative Comparison Reports

Landlord Services:

  • Tenant Screening
  • No monthly fees, pay as you go

Employee Services:

  • Nationwide criminal background checks
  • Verification of prior employment

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